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How the WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Add Body and Shine to Hair

One young woman decided to try the Fig version of WEN by Chaz to see if it would improve the condition of her hair. She had seen the advertisements for the product and wondered if it would really perform the way it did on the model’s hair. In an article she posted on her Facebook, she describes herself as a hair care fanatic who was constantly having issues with dull, greasy hair. She also describes her hair as being thin and fine, which she also hoping to alter by increasing the volume. Since this was the first time she ever tried a Wen hair product she decided to track her results by writing them down.

The article she posted on Bustle includes a synopsis of her week long experience with WEN. She used the recommended amount of product even though it was more than she was used to using. The very first time she worked the product through her hair she noticed it did not lather up the way other shampoos did. She also noticed how her hair began to feel thicker even as she still massaged the product into her hair and scalp. At the end of her first week with WEN, the young woman definitely saw an improvement in the amount of body, shine and softness her hair had.

Targeting the Issues

The reason why WEN by Chaz does not lather up is because it does not contain harsh sulfates. This eBay available brand is also a cleansing conditioner, so it combines the properties of both these products into one highly beneficial product. Since WEN contains natural ingredients derived from plant extracts it also has the ability to restore and repair damaged hair. The nourishing properties of aloe and essential amino acids help hydrate and build hair to make it stronger, suppler and healthier.

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