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Beneful is the Grain Free Alternative for Dogs

Beneful grain free dog food, made by Purina, is a chicken based alternative deigned to be easier to digest than cereal and grain based foods. It uses natural ingredients like blueberry and spinach to round out the flavor and nutritional value. Beneful is gluten-free and contains no wheat or corn. This food provides high levels of protein and animal fats as well as the vitamins and minerals needed for a well balanced diet.

The benefits of choosing a grain free dog food include avoiding common causes of allergies like gluten, while including oils and fats that are easier for dogs to digest. The primary ingredient in every bag of Beneful grain free dog food is farm-raised chicken. Beneful Puppy Food can be fed to any adult dog, big or small. Their website provides an interactive portioning chart to help pet owners determine how much to feed their pet based on size and weight.

Beneful is also an affordable dog food brand that is widely available in pet stores and big box stores alike. The company provides information and reviews about their product. In addition, they offer coupons on their website as well as the option to order bags of the food online and directly shipped to the customer.