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Arthur Becker of Madison Partners LLC Chairs High Tech Property Development

Arthur Becker is a tech mogul. He is the chairman of Zinio and also serves as the chief executive officer. Arthur is fondly remembered as the chief executive officer of NaviSite. This is a NASDAQ quoted firm that focused on providing technology as well as application services to consumers in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. NaviSite also provided hosting services for data centers. These services extended to cloud-based applications to businesses. Arthur Becker’s career revolves around technology and fashion. For years, he worked as a fashion advisor at Vera Wang. This is a fashion company. He was instrumental for seven years.

Real Deal

Becker’s real deal office space features paintings and art. The space is also a workshop filled with sculptures. This is a solo developmental project on 465 Washington Street. It includes a luxury condo that is expected to be approximately $52.5 million. Arthur Becker made his fortune through purchasing tech companies. This was in the early 2000s. Recently, he delved into real estate in two major areas with New York City being the leading. His business ventures have generated self-proclaimed achievements. Being determined and persistent in his endeavors, Arthur Becker invested in a binocular business that did not take off positively. He, however, focused on other business ventures after that attempt. In his words, consumers did not buy the idea of fiddling with eye focus.


Becker is an art collector. He has collected fascinating currencies from Nigeria and Cameroon. Some of these collections are more than a decade old. He reproduces them as sculptures. According to Becker, people have a sentimental value for money. Having worked in the sector of finance, he is inclined towards the development of two large reproductions that will be installed in Capital Properties.


Arthur Becker is also the founder of Madison Partners LLC. This is a real estate firm focused on property development. Under his guidance, the company offers integrated, diversified services. The head quarters of the company is in Dallas. The management specializes in the asset as well as property development. They also lease commercial property in Dallas. Madison Partners LLC believes that clients should be given different portfolios according to their needs. Visit Arthur Becker’s profile to learn more.