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Aiming high for another win

The rowing team of Orange Coast College is going to compete for their twelfth national title which is going to be held against four of the best universities. They will be doing their practice session at Newport Bay. They are actually preparing themselves for the National Championship of the American Collegiate Rowing Association Regatta 2017. This event will take place in Gainesville, GA. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

They have been working extremely hard which is evident from their soar and aching muscles and sweat. Rowing is considered as an interesting sport. It depicts power, glory, and unity. The nine team members of the team work really hard to get help their team to win.

The school has already a champion winning the national titles eleven times. They won last year too. That is why their morale is quite high this year. Ten of its students have been selected for World Championship as well as Olympics.

Daniel Amedo, a twenty year old chap is the captain of the team. He had been a rower since his high school but broke a disk of his spinal cord there. After recovering completely, he has returned to play again. He says that rowing is a sport that not only makes you strong physically but also mentally.

Hence, you remain healthy. Steve Morris is the assistant coach of men’s team. He is also a hardworking man who has helped many teams win the national title. He is quite dedicated towards his team and wants them to win this year too. He wants the rowing team to become one of its kind in the entire country. For this purpose, he is working very hard with his team so that they can outshine in the Championship.

The rowers are fully aware of the importance of this event that is why they are practicing with great passion and care.

They want the best for their team and want to make their college proud. A team with such hardworking players can definitely touch the skies. So, it is hoped that the team will win the Championship under the supervision of Amedo and Morris.